Dr. Kaufmann speaks about why we age and how to stop it



Today’s Sharing

an excerpt from the blog of James Van Praagh, Psychic Medium

People often ask me why it’s difficult for them to tune is and receive messages from the Spirit world. Sometimes they have a hard time going on the mind journeys that I guide them on during my calls, and on my You Tube channel.

In fact, every day someone makes a comment on You Tube, saying “I’m trying so hard, but I just can’t tune into this guided meditation!” I let them know that when you’re looking to connect to the universe, trying isn’t the answer. Forcing it is like pushing hard against a door when you need to pull!

So, if you’re longing to feel more connected, I want to share this message with you.

Embrace the nothingness.

Have more quiet time in your life. Savor those moments of boredom, because they magically help you tune into the deepest, most authentic YOU. From there you can harness your creativity and unlock your full potential – and not only that, you will become tuned into your intuition, the voice of your soul. And who knows what amazing insights Spirit will have for you!

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