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Cheryl Richardson pic photo credit Charles Bushfrom Cheryl Richardson’s weekly newsletter

Mindset research about surviving winter, shows that it doesn’t take much to shift your experience of something distasteful. It’s often just a matter of deciding to make it enjoyable that kickstarts a whole new, positive experience of something you expected to be negative.

So, regardless of where you live or what you dread, this week I invite you to pick one thing you’re not looking forward to and shift your mindset.

Tell yourself: This will be one of the best experiences of my life!

Then, take some kind of action to get things rolling toward that outcome within 24 hours.

Dreading holiday shopping? Invite a friend to go with you.

Overwhelmed with the thought of decorating? Celebrate minimalism and limit what you do to three very special adornments.

Afraid of getting everything done on time? Play a game and challenge yourself to finish everything in 12 hours in some outrageously fun way. Then, be sure to reward yourself afterwards.

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